Listed Below are just some of our Testimonials from some of our clients when you work with Rockstar Realty AZ, we give you the Rockstar Experience!

This is my 3rd time using Julian Tatka and his team buying and selling my houses. I did not think it could get any better than the first 2 transactions but they went above and beyond! I recently took a job out of state and needed a quick sell and close of my house. From day one Julian and his team were beyond professional. Day one he showed up with a professional photographer and listed the house for above what i thought it was worth. The first day on the mls i had multiple showings and several full price offers. Closed the deal in 30 days and had money in the bank on the 31st day. He keeps you up to date on what is going on througout the process and answers emails and texts quickly. I just wish i could take him with me out of state to buy a house. I cannot recommend this team enough!!!

-James Brown

Best! Best! Best company! Julian and Michelle are incredible people and work extremely hard to make the home buying process easy as possible. My family and I felt very comfortabe asking questions about anything regarding the process and receveied honest credible responses. They truly care about the families they are helping to buy a forever home, are willing to go that extra mile for people, and listen to any and all requests. Not like other realtors its almost like they are family just trult looking out for you rather than just trying to get paid. Great people and best realtor company I have ever worked with by far.

-Zach Wilcox

A great experience!! They found us our dream home!!

-Jonathan Wood

Peggy Bewley went above and beyond - certainly the extra mile to assist with our home buying process! Much of the interaction had to be done electronically and the financial institution we were working with was a bit of an unorganized nightmare. Peggy stayed on task and got us thru to the end. Thanks to her hard work and industrious persistence, these Alaskans now have a winter retreat! Peggy was also a joy to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend Peggy to anyone seeking to buy a home in the Phoenix and surrounding areas.


First met Julian Tatka from the Rockstar Team AZ on the golf course a few years ago, and since then I have bought and sold 2 homes with him. Both homes sold within a few weeks at full price (one was actually over full price) and he always has a back up plan as one fell out of escrow he had another buyer lined up immediately. He guided us through the inspections and closing process completely. On the buying side, he was patient and thorough and he added his ideas without being pushy or opinionated. He did much more than just push MLS listings and opened doors, he showed the big picture and took time to understand we I really needed. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Julian Tatka and the Rockstar Team AZ to anyone seeking Real Estate services.

-Vard Miller

Michelle Tatka on the RockStar Team has been in my family for years . She helped my mom into her very first house in Arizona abt 11yrs ago & my aunt into her first house, maybe ... 2 or 3yrs ago . She worked with both my mom & my aunt while they were still living in California . I've heard plenty of good things .

Fast forward to today, Michelle helped me into MY very first home! At first I was working with a different realtor bc as a dumb kid, I wanted to do everything on my own & not listen to anyone giving me advice... but the first realtor I had didn't make me feel comfortable . She made me feel like she jst wanted to get me into the home for her own benefits .

So I finally talked to my mom & started working with Michelle . I couldn't be happier! I'm glad I made the decision to take on another realtor bc I knew I wouldn't have found the right home with the first realtor . Michelle listened & took what I wanted into consideration . I told her I had two big dogs & that I wanted a nice big yard for them to run around in . I also wanted a kitchen w/ lots & lots of space & a garage, easy right ? Lol It took some time but we finally found the perfect home ! Even when I left like giving up Michelle reassured me that the perfect home would come & it did ! Her communications skills were great . She was always there when I needed her & I knew that I could trust her . She has helped my family out for quite some time & I would like to keep her as apart of the family . She is really really great! So if anyone is looking for the perfect realtor MICHELLE TATKA is the one to call!

-Crystal Noy

When I graduated from ASU I got the crazy idea to buy a house, and it was terrifying at first. Then, I started working with the Rockstar Team AZ at Michelle Tatka and she immediately put all my worries at ease! She was patient and thorough, and explained everything very clearly. She was always there to answer my millions of calls and emails. I never thought at 22 I would own my own home, but Michelle made that happen within 30 days of me graduating. She found the perfect house for me and it has already appreciated more than 30k. I couldn't be happier with the decision to use the Rockstar Team AZ and the whole process!

-Hailey Magnussen